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I am using Otixo as a Collaboration tool. How does the monthly bandwidth limit affect me?

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2017 12:22AM PDT
The monthly bandwidth limit is applied only to file transfers you perform between your connected clouds, including upload, download, encryption and decryption (as well as file preview when accessing Otixo via WebDAV and via the Mobile apps, as the files have to be downloaded before they can be previewed).

If you use Otixo to chat with your teammates, friends or family, and do not perform any of the above cloud operations, the bandwidth limit will not affect you in any way. Bandwidth is not accumulated when linking (via the Share button or by drag-and-drop) resources from your connected clouds to your Team or Single Spaces. Should you upload files to a folder shared in a Space, download files from a Space, or copy items from a Space to one of your clouds, this will be considered a transfer, and, as such, will be counted against your data volume.

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