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Use Otixo Slash Commands in Slack

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 05:08AM PST

Slash Commands Description

You can use the following slash commands to login, list, share content and logout from your Otixo account in the Slack conversation window.

/otixo-login <username> <password>

Login with your Otixo user credentials in the following way:
/otixo-login myPassword.


A command without parameters that simply lists all links available in your Otixo account, grouped by file name for ease of access. Click on the "Click Here to share file"  link to upload to the selected Slack channel or conversation; or click on the file name to preview the file. 
Note: Some cloud services offer their own Slack preview functionality. If one of your shared files is from a Dropbox or Box account, clicking on the file name will take you to the provider's website instead of to Otixo. 

/otixo-share <Share ID> <message>

Share a file from your Otixo Links by using the file ID and an optional message. The ID of each file is displayed after executing the /otixo-list-data command. Here is an example of how to share a file via ID:
/otixo-share 0866a2c7-a852-4ecc-bd37-f535369d93ff This is my file ID.


Log out from the Slack channel. No parameters are needed for this command.


Open the Slack Otixo interface in a web browser window. When you run the command, a link to the Otixo interface will be displayed in the channel or conversation you are currently in. Click on the link to launch it, and log in with your Otixo credentials or one of your social IDs.


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