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Add Western Digital via WebDAV

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017 04:59AM PST
To connect Western Digital to your Otixo account via WebDAV, you can follow these steps:

1. Setup WebDAV access on WD
  • Log in to your WD box.
  • Click on Users.
  • Check if the user you intend to connect to WebDAV with has access to at least one Share.
  • If he doesn’t have access to any Shares, create a new Share for this user.
  • To provide WebDAV access to the assigned Share, make sure that WebDAV Access is enabled for the WD box.
  • To verify this, click on Settings->Network.
  • Scroll down to Network Services and enable WebDAV Access.
  • Return to the Shares tab and enable WebDAV Access under the desired Share.
  • Go back to Settings->Network.
  • Scroll down to Port Forwarding.
  • Click on Add.
  • Choose "Select the default service scan" and click Next.
  • Take note of the listed HTTS and HTTP WebDAV ports (4443 and 8080).
  • Click on Cancel.
  • Log in to your router Admin Panel and set up a port forwarding to one of the above WebDAV ports.
Note: By default you will only be able to add your WD drive to Otixo using HTTP connection. If you wish to use HTTPS, you would need to install an SSL self-signed certificate on the WD.

2. Setup external access to the WD

To connect to Otixo and other WebDAV clients, you need to allow access to WD outside your local network. To do this, you would need to enable Dynamic DNS and provide an external host address. If you don’t have one, you can sign up with and get one for free. Please follow these steps:
  • Go to and click on Sign Up.
  • Enter your email, username and desired hostname.
  • Select from the list.
  • Click on the confirmation email you received by email.
  • Copy the hostname you created.
  • Return to your WD admin panel.
  • Click on Settings->Network.
  • Enable DDNS.
  • Click on Settings>>.
  • Select “no-ip.DDNS under Server Address.
  • Enter the hostname you created with NOIP.
  • Enter the username and password you signed up to NOIP with.
  • Click on Save.

3. Add WD to Otixo

Now that you have enabled WebDAV access and an external access to the WD box, you can connect it to Otixo. To do that, please follow these steps:
  • Log in to Otixo. 
  • Switch to the "Cloud Drives" tab.
  • Click on the "Add Cloud Drive" button.
  • Choose WebDAV from the list.
  • Enter your preferred Display Name.
  • Input the NOIP hostname in the WebDAV Server field.
  • Enter the credentials as per your WD WebDAV user configuration.
  • Enter the name of the Share in the Initial Path field.
  • Enter the port as per your WD configuration.
  • Click on Connect.

You have now successfully connected your WD to Otixo!

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