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Spaces and Sharing

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 06:49AM PDT
Spaces are a key part of working in Otixo because they enable you to collaborate with other people.

What are Spaces?

Imagine a virtual meeting room. You have the key and can control who enters the room. You and your guests bring files to share with each other. You can also make them leave at any time.
That meeting room is an Otixo Space. When you create one, you are able to attach files and folders from any cloud service you use – your guests, collaborators, are able to view the files but cannot see where they are stored, just like you cannot see where their shared files are stored.
Encrypted Sharing
Spaces can be used to share encrypted files. Creating a Space triggers the Otixo system to create a new, individual Keychain – just for that Space. When you attach an encrypted file to a Space, a copy of your Encryption Key for the file is attached to the Space Keychain. When a collaborator wants to decrypt your file, the decryption function takes the Key from this Space’s Keychain.
What makes Otixo Spaces unique?
  1. You can create and manage projects without having to move your files from their original cloud services.
  2. Everyone that you share your Space with can also contribute items without having to upload files to your account. Each collaborator's files stays where they are, but are accessible by Space members.
  3. Sharing Encrypted files is often a big challenge because, usually, you need to share a secret Key with the person you’re sharing with. This is often done over the phone, by email or in a chat. With Otixo, there is no longer a need to share that Key. Instead, access is restricted via email invitation to a Space. To read more about how Otixo’s Encryption works, visit our FAQ here.
If I share a Space, do people know where I store my files?
No. When you share a Space with a collaborator, they cannot see which service hosts those files, they only see the Space in their Otixo account.
Are the files I put in Spaces copied from my cloud services?
No. The folders you attach to your Space are only links to the items in your source cloud service (like Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, FTP, etc.). Spaces are just virtual structures for your content which can come from many different cloud service providers.
If I share a Space, do my collaborators need an Otixo account?
No. It is possible to share your Space through a public link. However, visitors of a Public Space cannot decrypt your files. Those visitors must be invited by you to be a Collaborator in your Space and they must log into Otixo.
When I share a Space, can my collaborators delete my files?
No. When you share a Space, your collaborators can only preview and download the files. Operations like delete, rename and upload are restricted so they cannot modify the files and folders that you own.
How do the people I share my Space with (collaborators) upload files?
Your collaborators can put files and folders in your Space by adding their own cloud services to Otixo and then attaching them to the Space. Uploading files directly to your folders is possible if you give your collaborators Write Access. Access is controlled for each item added to the Space by the Lock icon in the file details. If you choose to unlock an item, your collaborator will be able to modify that item.
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